One on One Consulting
Personalized Job Search Assistance

The Minneapolis Job Support Workshop is fortunate to offer a very unique service that allows you to discuss your job search situation with a professional job search consultant. 

Our Job Search Consultants will spend from a half hour to an hour helping you to strengthen your resume, improve your interviewing skills, discuss how to network more effectively, review your basic job search strategy, or whatever is important to you at this point in your job search.

You need to attend at least one of our regular Tuesday night programs or our Friday morning programs to sign up for a  One-On-One session. 

Some Consultants are able to see people multiple times while others are only available for a single meeting.

If you have questions about this you can call Stan Brown at 952-943-0718. 

Like all of our programs, no fee is required for a consultation, but we ask you to consider a donation equivalent to the benefits you derived from our services, even if you wish to donate it after you secure a position.  .